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Feel unclear or lost in your professional life?

Unsure if you're on the right path or in the right place?
Mountain Peak

"How do I find alignment and clarity?"

Without a precise, step-by-step path, you're in the wilderness.

No Direction. No Alignment. No Fulfillment.


If you’re tired of “thinking about” finding your purpose…

Or feeling like you’re stuck in your comfort zone

Or wasting time and energy in a role that doesn’t align with your core values and passions…

And you’re SERIOUS about making a change and finally taking the first step

Take my insightful quiz and uncover the clarity you seek.


Don't wait, your path to alignment and fulfillment begins here. 

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In today’s fast-paced world, it's easier than ever to feel lost, disconnected, and out of alignment with your true self. Are you ready to rediscover, reconnect, and realign your life for peak performance and holistic well-being?

🌟 Join the RECONNECT 🌟Challenge!

Feeling lost in the corporate maze? It's time to find your true path with the RECONNECT Challenge. Specifically designed for corporate executives, this is your journey to unearthing and embracing your authentic self.


Gain unmatched clarity, prioritize what truly matters, and say goodbye to stress and confusion. Rediscover your purpose, reignite your passions, and transform your life.


The path to your ultimate fulfillment and success begins now with the RECONNECT Challenge. Embark on this journey today!

WHY coaching
IS the Ideal Solution?

Self-help often falls short in the face of real anxiety and books claim solutions, but many remain stuck.

What's blocking us?

Emotions: Shame, Fear, and Vulnerability.

  • SHAME keeps us hidden.

  • FEAR locks us in comfort.

  • VULNERABILITY, wrongly seen as a flaw, is our key to being real.


It's not about more knowledge, but confronting these emotions.


Going it alone? Tough.


Here's what coaching brings:

  • A space without judgment.

  • Clear vision and support.

  • A spotlight on what you might miss.

  • A push for real change.


With COACHING, your journey is clear, leading to your true self.

What You Get

Join the RECONNECT Challenge and gain access to a comprehensive package tailored for your transformation

An Initial Assessment Questionnaire

A structured assessment to highlight your current situation and areas needing attention.

Two One-to-One
Coaching Sessions

Personalized sessions to delve deep into your specific issues and work towards resolving them.

A Monthly

Group Coaching

Learn and grow with peers facing similar challenges and experiences.

A dedicated Online

Learning Platform

Access a repository of valuable resources, including modules, readings, and additional learning on Thinkific.

An Accountability

Private Group

Engage with a community dedicated to mutual growth, support, and accountability.

My Name is Alexandre

And my mission is to:

Help corporate executives rediscover their purpose, align their lives and careers with their true desires, and experience unmatched clarity and fulfillment, without stress and uncertainty!

With over two decades of firsthand experience in the banking industry, Alexandre Heinrichs deeply understands the unique challenges and pressures you face.


Transitioning from a successful banking career to become a transformative well-being coach, Alexandre now dedicates his expertise to guide others in rediscovering their purpose and reigniting their passion for optimal personal and professional fulfillment and well-being.

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The power of meditation to find your path to clarity !

Benefits of the Challenge


Uncover your deep-rooted desires and goals


Receive personalized guidance from an industry insider


Join a supportive community of like-minded Professionals


Lay the groundwork for lasting change and success


Propel Yourself into Action

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