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Group Coaching

Two-Day Group Workshop:
"From Clarity to Performance"

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your team and take their performance to new heights? Join my transformative Two-Day Group Workshop: "From Clarity to Performance" for an immersive and empowering journey towards excellence.

Yoga Group

My intensive two-day group workshop comprehensively explores sustainable habit-building, passion discovery, and performance enhancement strategies. Participants will gain clear insights into their purpose, identify key habits for development, and learn how to incorporate these into their daily routines seamlessly. The power of collective support amplifies this transformational journey.


This package includes:


  • An initial 1-hour onboarding

  • Individual coaching (Explore phase)

  • An immersive 1-day workshop (Transform phase)

  • Private group accountability (Achieve phase)

  • Half-day workshop (Perform phase)

  • Celebration and debriefing session

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