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The Reconnect Coaching Approach

Unlocking employees' full potential is at the heart of my Reconnect coaching approach. This approach champions optimal performance through well-being, utilizing a seven-tiered pyramid model that includes passion and purpose, habit formation, nutrition and breathing, physical exercise, sleep and stress management, toxin reduction, and proactive personal medical care.

Audience and Lecturer

The coaching journey unfolds through an 'Explore, Transform, Achieve, and Perform' framework. This process begins with cultivating self-awareness, setting precise goals, and systematically addressing each level of the well-being pyramid.

The ultimate aim of Reconnect is to foster long-term well-being and elevated performance, enabling clients to enjoy enduring success in every facet of their lives. This comprehensive and fulfilling journey contributes to a more meaningful and balanced personal and professional life, cultivating sustainable habits for success.

My sessions

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