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OUR coaching approach for Executives, entrepreneurs and companies


As an experienced coach, I specialize in working with busy, often frustrated executives who feel caught in the whirlwind of their professional lives. I understand their challenges – the pressure to perform, the endless demands on their time, and the struggle to balance their personal and professional lives.


My coaching approach is centered on creating sustainable, healthy daily habits that alleviate frustration and enhance performance.


Together, we explore strategies to manage time, set clear boundaries, and ensure optimal well-being, all leading to heightened productivity and performance.


I offer these services to private individuals and teams, recognizing that a collective transformation can significantly boost the performance of an entire organization. The aim is to create a well-being and high-performance culture, allowing individuals and teams to thrive in their roles and achieve sustained success.


Embrace frustration as the catalyst for transformation, a stepping stone in living our full potential and achieving high performance.

Alexandre Heinrichs

RECONNECT is my transformative coaching program that unlocks your full potential, achieves high performance, and prioritizes well-being. It offers personalized strategies for habit transformation, goal achievement, and holistic well-being. Embrace frustration as a catalyst for growth and thrive with Reconnect.

The Habits of High-Performing Leaders

Transform Frustration into High Performance through Healthy Daily Habits

Achieving optimal performance and overall well-being requires finding the delicate balance between burnout and boredom, while effectively managing frustration. By cultivating healthy habits, we can establish a solid foundation for sustained success and fulfillment.


What are the key Ingredients:

  • Balance: Striking the right balance between work and rest, challenge and relaxation, prevents burnout and counteracts boredom.

  • Frustration Management: Recognizing and addressing frustrations empowers us to adjust our approach, learn from setbacks, and maintain motivation.

  • Clear Objectives: Setting specific goals provides direction and focus for building healthy habits.

  • Progress Measurement: Regularly tracking our progress keeps us motivated and allows for necessary adjustments.

  • Purpose and Meaning: Connecting habits to a deeper sense of purpose and meaning provides intrinsic motivation and fulfillment.

  • Pleasure and Enjoyment: Incorporating enjoyable activities fosters positive associations and sustains commitment to healthy habits.

  • Self-Care and Boundaries: Prioritizing self-care and setting healthy boundaries prevents burnout and supports sustained performance.

  • Continuous Learning: Seeking new challenges and ongoing personal growth combats boredom and keeps habits engaging.

  • Developing Personal Healthy Habits: It is crucial to develop our healthy habits tailored to our unique needs and aspirations. By consciously cultivating these habits, we nurture our well-being, enhance our performance, and unlock our full potential in all aspects of life.

Incorporating these key ingredients and focusing on building healthy habits empowers us to find balance, overcome frustration, and thrive in our pursuit of optimal performance and well-being. Embrace the journey of developing your own personal healthy habits and unlock the path to your fullest potential.

My coaching approach


E - Explore Your Well-being and your definition of performance

The Explore stage is about gaining clarity and understanding your current well-being. I utilize the powerful psycho-technic test Insight MDI to assess your personality traits, behaviors, and motivators, providing valuable insights for identifying areas of improvement. Together, we'll assess where you stand at each pyramid level and create a tailored improvement plan to enhance your well-being.


T - Transform Your Habits

The Transform stage is about building sustainable habits leading to long-term well-being. We'll work together to develop personalized strategies for incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine.


A - Achieve Your Goals

In the Achieve stage, we'll set specific, achievable goals and develop a plan for reaching them. You'll significantly improve your well-being and performance, unlocking your full potential.


P - Perform at Your Best

The Perform stage is about sustaining your progress and performing at your best. We'll develop strategies for maintaining your healthy habits and achieving ongoing success, so you can continue to perform at your highest level and reach your full potential.

My coaching Philosophy

Reconnect to Your Performance:
The Power of Healthy Habits program

My holistic approach to well-being and performance is based on a well-being pyramid incorporating seven levels, each crucial to promoting optimal health and performance. Each level is interrelated, from passion and purpose to mindfulness and meditation, making it the foundation of my coaching approach.

To achieve high performance, it is important to take a holistic approach to well-being. This means taking care of your physical health through proper nutrition, exercise, and rest and paying attention to your mental and emotional well-being through stress management, mindfulness, and self-care.


High performance is not just about achieving success in a particular domain but rather about living a fulfilling and meaningful life and reaching your full potential in all areas. Organizations that prioritize well-being and invest in the development of their employees tend to have higher levels of engagement, motivation, and productivity, leading to greater success in achieving their goals. Let's embrace a holistic well-being approach to unlock our full potential and achieve high performance!



Reconnect to Your Performance:
An Incremental Journey to Personal and Professional Growth

Understand: Through Insights MDI or Lifebook, I assess individual and team behavior and motivation factors to establish a strong foundation of self-understanding.

Experience: In Miki Island, an experiential game, teams apply their new self- awareness to enhance teamwork, decision-making, and leadership skills.

Learn: RECONNECT Conferences and Workshops provide a platform to delve into optimal performance and well-being principles and inspire healthy habits.

Transform: The RECONNECT Group Coaching Masterclass offers an intensive, personalized approach to tackle specific goals and challenges, promoting collaborative learning.

Excel: RECONNECT One-to-One Coaching offers the highest level of personalized support, focusing on individuals' unique needs and aspirations to drive performance and satisfaction.

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