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Insights MDI®

Embrace the transformative power of self-understanding with the colors of Insights MDI®.


In my coaching philosophy, purpose and passion are the first pillars to consider, and achieving clarity about ourselves and the people around us is a critical first step. This tool uses powerful psychometric testing to reveal unique personal and professional strengths, values, and motivations, and here's how it can transform your individual and team performance:


  1. Self-Awareness: Uncover your innate strengths and weaknesses, leading to accelerated personal and professional growth.

  2. Improved Communication and Collaboration: Develop robust communication and teamwork skills, fostering effective interpersonal relationships.

  3. Productivity Boost: Learn to manage your time and resources more effectively, driving productivity.

  4. Leadership Development: Cultivate key leadership competencies, such as decision-making and conflict resolution.

  5. Team Synergy: Create a positive team dynamic, enhancing overall performance and functioning.


With the power of Insights MDI® and my tailored coaching sessions based on my experience working in a corporate environment, you can unlock the full potential of your employees and teams, fostering self-awareness, improved communication, increased productivity, and a harmonious work environment.

Insights MDI key points
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The Insights MDI assessment gives the most complete picture of an individual’s behavior. No one is average, and the DISC assessment is designed to provide confidence to the end user through in-depth analysis and research-backed insights. The Insights MDI DISC differentiates your natural style from your adapted, and also incorporates the neurological pathway differences between what you say you are and what you say you are not.

Insights MDI and DISC

Uncover the 'how' behind your 'why' with the DISC model. This tool dives deep into Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance, providing insight into each individual's unique behavioral traits. With DISC, you can minimize unnecessary conflict, increase productivity, enhance communication, and create a culture of self-awareness.

DISC reports
12 Driving Forces

Discover the 'why' behind your actions with 12 Driving Forces, a tool that measures the strength of six key motivators: Knowledge, Utility, Surroundings, Others, Power, and Methodologies. Harnessing this tool enables you to foster personal growth, optimize strategic decision-making, enhance talent acquisition, and provide personalized coaching.

12 driving forces reports
Maximize your team's potential

These tools reveal each member's unique behavioral style and core motivators, promoting an environment of empathy and understanding. Your teams can minimize conflicts, boost productivity, improve communication, and foster a supportive and inclusive culture. In a business landscape where teamwork is paramount, give your teams the tools they need to excel.

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Insights MDI team report example

I offer both individual restitutions and team workshops to provide personalized, detailed feedback and strategies for improvement, using the tools of Insights MDI and 12 Driving Forces. These personalized sessions serve as a springboard for individual and team development, promoting effective communication, personal growth, and team synergy.

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