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Let's create more agile, high-performance teams!


Turn Theory into Practice with Miki Island: A High-Impact Experiential Learning Journey


Creating high-performing and agile organizations extends beyond theoretical understanding. It necessitates practical, hands-on experiences that empower leaders and team members to apply and internalize effective behaviors. Miki Island is an innovative experiential learning program that blends the robustness of behavioral science, game-based learning engagement, and cutting-edge technology's power to drive behavioral change for tangible business impact.

In this immersive, facilitated program, participants take on one of five different roles in a team. Their shared goal? To navigate their way across Miki Island to reach a marine base. They must manage resources, navigate challenges and a shifting landscape, and make strategic decisions. The journey is a metaphor for real-world team dynamics, promoting deep insights and practical learning about high-performing teams and agile decision-making.


Key features of the Miki Island experience include:


  • Team-centered game decision-making, which fosters collaboration and shared responsibility

  • 'Play again' feature, allowing teams to reiterate the learning process and apply their newfound insights

  • Behavioral analytics to enhance the learning debrief with data-backed insights

  • Meaningful debriefing sessions and coaching conversations, enhancing the transfer of learning to the workplace.


Transform your teams with Miki Island. By playing and reflecting, they will uncover their true potential, becoming more effective, agile, and high-performing in the real world.

The Power of Synergy: Combining Insights MDI and Miki Island for Optimal Team Development


The strategic pairing of Insights MDI and Miki Island creates a powerful, integrated approach to team development. Together, they form a comprehensive toolkit that guides teams toward high performance by improving both individual understanding and collective team dynamics.

Insights MDI, a scientifically-backed personality assessment tool, lays the foundation by helping individuals understand their own and others' communication styles and preferences. It uncovers how a person behaves and why, sparking increased self-awareness, enhanced interpersonal relationships, and better engagement within the team. It promotes a better understanding of team strengths and growth areas, setting the stage for improved collaboration.

Building on this foundation, Miki Island offers an experiential learning journey that puts these insights into action. As team members navigate their way across the virtual Miki Island, they apply their newfound knowledge about themselves and their team in a practical, hands-on environment. The game-based learning approach deepens the understanding of leveraging individual strengths for effective decision-making, resource management, and problem-solving under dynamic conditions.

The behavioral analytics Miki Island provided reinforces Insights MDI's findings, offering a robust feedback loop that strengthens learning outcomes. The in-depth debriefing sessions translate these experiences back into the real world, ensuring the learnings are applied to enhance teamwork.

Together, Insights MDI and Miki Island present an innovative, interactive, and impactful way to transform your teams. They bridge the gap between theory and practice, fostering a high-performance and agile culture in your organization.


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Play your way to better team performance

Becoming an Agile & High Performing Team can be a tumultuous journey. And unfortunately, not all teams get there… We know the way and will guide your team to Stage 4 of High Performance in a fun and engaging way.

A picture of Bram

Boosting Agile Growth in squads

from theory to practice

I am impressed by the amount of real work-life value we have taken from this training. What separates this training from others was that it wasn’t just interesting, it’s applicable.

The set of changes in behavior and attitudes initiated during this training have boosted the agile growth and performance of our teams.

Bram de Block

Global Agile Lead, Skyline Communications

A picture of Anne

Building a High Performing Team & New ways of working in the new remote age

Miki island experiential learning program was exactly aligned to our need to bring the regional team together and create an inclusive and connective tissue after months outside of the workplace


It was a very immersive and energizing program with key learnings of high performing teams, inclusive collaboration and agile decision making all for performance improvement back at work!

Anne Lepissier

General Manager, Microsoft Operations

A picture of Darvin

Developing High Performing and
Situational Leaders


The impact of learning is always higher when leaders practice the behaviors of success.


Miki Island experiential learning program is a great training program that helps to bridge the gap between theory & practice!

Darvin Widjaja

CEO Momenta Indonesia


Participants play one of the five different roles in the team, attempting to reach the marine base across the Island. Throughout the journey, the team will have to manage resources, overcome obstacles and a changing landscape, and effectively make effective strategic decisions, learning about High Performing Team and Agile decision-making in a VUCA environment through facilitator-led debrief and business application workshop.


  • Collaborative & Team-based game decision-making

  • Play again feature to apply the learnings right away!

  • Insightful debrief and coaching conversations

  • Behavioral Analytics to ensure data supports the learning debrief

  • 2-4h Workshop with Miki Island, team assessment and debrief / learnings

Anchored in research for Business Impact

Anchored in 30+ years of ResearchDeveloped by aeqlia and GDQ Associates (leading Organizational Psychology and research company founded by Dr Susan Wheelan), Miki Island is a proven learning experience designed with specific learning outcomes in mind.


Our experience is based on over 30 years of research into agile, high-performance teams and group dynamics, ensuring a high return on investment and commercial impact.

Business Impact of Agile & High Performing Teams

Organizations able to achieve Stage 4 Agile & High Performing teams will:


  • Have more satisfied customers and managers (Wheelan, 1998)

  • Have members that experience higher level of work satisfaction and lower level of emotional exhaustion (Jacobson, 2014)

  • Produce more goods in the manufacturing industry (Wheelan & Furbur, 2006)

  • Manage money better in the financial sector (Wheelan, 2005)

  • Have a greater ability to adopt to agile ways of working (Gren, 2017)

A picture of the book "Creating effective teams"


Some of our Miki Island clients
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