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Welcome to our comprehensive programs designed to ignite personal and professional growth. At Alexandre Heinrichs Coaching, we recognize that well-being and high performance are attainable for individuals and teams. Our tailored programs are thoughtfully crafted to empower you, whether you're an individual seeking personal transformation or a team striving for collective excellence.



The Insights MDI Team Workshop is a transformative experience tailored to elevate team dynamics and performance. Leveraging the psychometric capabilities of the Insights MDI test, this workshop sheds light on individual communication and behavior styles, enabling team members to gain deeper mutual understanding and collaborate more effectively. Through a blend of theoretical insights, engaging exercises, and in-depth discussions, teams are guided to optimize their interactions, recognize and appreciate each member's unique strengths, and foster a robust, productive teamwork culture. All of this culminates in a concrete action plan to seamlessly integrate these learnings into daily practice.

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The Miki Island Team Workshop is an immersive journey into the realm of team collaboration and self-discovery. Using the metaphor of navigating an island's diverse landscapes, this workshop challenges teams to confront and overcome obstacles, fostering a spirit of unity, resilience, and mutual respect. Through experiential activities and guided reflections, participants discover their strengths and areas for growth and learn to harness the collective power of the team. The Miki Island experience is more than just a workshop—it's an adventure that transforms teams, ensuring they return to the workplace more cohesive, understanding, and ready to tackle any challenge together.

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Intelligence Positive (PQ) Programme découverte.png

Introduce yourself to Positive Intelligence (PQ) through a structured exploration of its key concepts. Discover the mechanisms of saboteurs, the essence of the Sage, and techniques to optimize your well-being. A concise journey for lasting transformation.

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Illuminated Stairs

The Reconnect Challenge is a transformative journey designed to reignite your connection with your authentic self and professional purpose. Over a series of carefully curated sessions, participants are guided through introspective exercises and reflections to uncover their true desires and aspirations. This challenge is not just about professional growth, but personal evolution. Join us and rediscover the path to clarity, fulfillment, and a career that truly resonates with who you are.

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