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My personal story in dealing with stress - Episode 6/6 – What I do today and how I can help you

Today, I’m ready to try to launch my own company. I will start with coaching and guided meditation for private individuals and companies. Regarding coaching activity, usually, my clients come to see me because they have lots of difficulties managing their stress and anxiety. They are strictly at the place I was three years ago. They fear going to work, have no energy and feel exhausted, have a lousy sleep, are tired, and have difficulties communicating, which creates relationship problems with family, friends, and colleagues. Finally, they struggle to deliver performance, get a pay raise or a promotion and fear burnout.

They intend to do something before it's too late, but they must figure out what and where to start. Their goal is to get clarity about their stress triggers and find solutions to overcome them. They want to learn and develop techniques and routines to feel better, regain confidence, make the right decisions, and get results.

Therefore, they come to see me, and I address this with a combination of coaching technics, tutorials, tools, exercises, challenges, and a selection of products that I identified and tested first, as I faced this in the past and am passionate about this now.

Regarding my coaching session, I put great importance on creating a "safe bubble" for the client and listening very carefully to them. Then we try to identify their stress and anxiety factors until we find the root (it could take several sessions). When we identify them, we take actions to overcome stress and anxiety through proven techniques such as mindfulness, breathing, and defining a healthy lifestyle with new routines/habits.

Throughout the process, I'm here to motivate and challenge my client; I will never give him advice or solutions; I will help him identify what works for him. The client is complete and has all resources within himself; I'm just here to guide him to discover them following a coaching process. I put great importance on listening to the client and creating a safe place. My strengths are my attitude to listening carefully, mastering coaching processes, having tested many solutions for myself first, and knowing the banking industry very well. I also spent much time doing research and learning.

As an outcome, my client is more performant, happier, understands his stress mechanisms, and has identified solutions, technics, and products to overcome stress and anxiety. As a result, they can make decisions confidently, have a better relationship with their family, friends, and colleagues, and even get a raise or a promotion.

In a nutshell, they were able to become a busy, happy executive

It was a pleasure to share these six episodes' stories with you. Don't hesitate to reach out to me in private and check my website to discover my services and the whole story 👉

Take care, and all the best


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