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My personal story in dealing with stress - Episode 4/6

The discovery of new products, technics, and solutions

In my journey to well-being, I was looking for products and naturally started with essential oils. I was intrigued by the therapeutic benefits as I loved what they sent. Therefore, I learned essential oils to help manage emotions and stress. I was certified as an essential oil specialist and started to animate online seminars. I enjoyed that, allowing me to share much more of my discoveries with my family, friends, and colleagues first. The feedback I received was more than what I expected. Therefore, I created my first private Facebook group to share what I learned, tried, read, and watched. My channel was dedicated to well-being and a healthy lifestyle, and the number of followers started to climb.

In the meantime, I continued to try different therapies, technics, and products such as Nutrition, Fasting, Cold, Thai Chi, Pilates, Hypnosis, PNL, Phytotherapy, Reiki, Massages, and many other self-development techniques to improve my sleep and my physical condition. I took as well some psychometric tests, such as strengths tests etc.

At that time, I also started creating my natural cleaning and cosmetic products and learned much about reducing my consumption and living sustainably.

In a nutshell, I started to explore, test, and share many new solutions, techniques, and products.

Does this resonate with you? If you are curious about working with me, let's chat over a virtual coffee!

Tomorrow, episode 5 - My dream of becoming an entrepreneur

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